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Alhan Irwin

Alhan Irwin

Alhan Irwin

Alhan Irwin is an artist and illustrator who was born and raised in Baghdad. Alhan’s upbringing as a Bahá’í, and Iraq’s rich cultural heritage, have had a lifelong influence on her artistic career. She earned a degree in Technical Drawing from the University of Baghdad’s Institute of Technology. In 1979, Alhan relocated to the United States as a refugee due to religious persecution. She continued her studies of digital art at Rivier University and earned a certificate in visual arts. Over the last two decades, Alhan has been the recipient of numerous awards in art competitions, and she has worked as a freelance instructor of digital art programs and an image enhancer. She authored and illustrated a children’s book titled The Case of a Different Face, and she compiled and illustrated a children’s prayer book titled Around the World We Pray. Alhan resides in Nashua, New Hampshire with her husband Robert, and she is the proud mother of two grown children and three beautiful grandchildren.

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