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Dr. Elena Mustakova

Dr. Elena Mustakova

Dr. Elena Mustakova has dedicated three and a half decades of work as an educator, psychotherapist and social scientist to the evolution of human consciousness in cross-cultural contexts. She has accompanied diverse populations in North America, Europe, Africa and the Arab Peninsula on the path to developing resilient and mindful relationships to others and our world. A Bulgarian-American, she holds a Masters in English Language and Literature from Sofia University, and an Ed.D. in Human Development from University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Her experience growing up under totalitarianism, and life on three continents, inform her grasp of the profound historical transformation shaking our planet. Dr. Mustakova has an interdisciplinary background which spans literature, Eastern and Western philosophy, history of art, psycholinguistics and structural dimensions of meaning, as well as developmental and critical social psychology.

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