From Justice to Unity

How Just Actions Contribute to Peaceful World
Soft Cover

How can we contribute to a more just, united, peaceful world? This book offers a powerful and inspirational guide to creating this world that we all desire. This book provides the tools needed to create a culture of acceptance, cooperation, and mutuality in your home, workplace, organization, and community.

Through this book, you will: learn practical ideas of what you can do to contribute to greater justice; discover methods to question unconscious ways of thinking and acting; develop a coherent framework that you can begin to apply immediately; cultivate the ability to confront injustice in society through constructive resilience; expand your vision of a just, peaceful, united society; and feel empowered to enact change in the world around you. To aid in exploring more deeply the concepts, the book includes numerous questions for reflection or discussion and suggests a variety of additional resources.

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