Trumpet Blast

Removing the Veil from the Advent of the Promised One
Soft Cover
Religious prophecies throughout history have converged on a common expectation; the advent of a world redeemer who will fulfill the ultimate destiny of humankind. This book is written to illuminate the station of Táhirih – a leading heroine of the Bábí movement – as the Trumpeter of the Day of Resurrection and the Remover of the Veil from the advent of the Promised One. Based in part on an in-depth analysis of the symbolic meaning of the “veil” in Táhirih’s discourse, new evidence provided by her previously unpublished poetry, and the writings of the central figures of the Faith for which she sacrificed her life, this book seeks to demonstrate that Táhirih’s significance in human history goes far beyond the popularized image of her as a woman who broke free from the shackles of gender norms. The vision that animated Táhirih’s heroic life and inspired the prolific stream of her discourse was that of an imminent transformation in the human civilization. And the most apocalyptic of the veils she lifted was that from the advent of the Promised One.
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The Trumpet Blast is inspiring and informative

Review by Samantha Massaglia on 12/24/2022

This is a vital, timely book, one that is powerful, scholarly, poetic, and accessible. The spiritual and intellectual energy driving this work is present from the first page until the closing words about the removal of the most apocalyptic of the veils that Tahirih was divinely ordained to remove. This is a wonderful reminder about the inspiring age humanity is experiencing.

Tahirih Stands Revealed in her True Glory

Review by Ludwig Tuman on 12/23/2022

Dr. Akhavan's writing clearly demonstrates that the historical figure known as Tahirih played a role far greater in humanity's spiritual history than is generally recognized. The book is concise, convincing, and irrefutable. As evidence of Tahirih's exalted stature, the author provides passages from the Sacred Writings, some of which are provisionally translated and published here for the first time in English. These, in combination with passages from Tahirih's own writings and the record of her actions, definitively confirm her as a transcendent figure -- as nothing less than the Trumpet Blast anticipated in ancient scriptures, who would announce the advent of the Promised One and the dawn of a new age in human history. This reality is far above and beyond the popularized image of her as "a woman who broke free from the shackles of gender norms" -- as Tahirih is currently portrayed in the West. Researchers and historians have much to be grateful for in this singular work.

A Major Contribution

Review by ora murphy on 3/26/2022

Dr. Akhavan’s outstanding book is highly (re-) commendable not only for its eloquent, at times poetic, and concise narrative. It is also superbly researched, written with clarity and conviction, easy to read, and offering deep and new insights into the life and legacy of a historical figure of which this reader had so far been unaware. A most passionate, educational, important (!!), and inspiring work indeed with a strong appeal to both the interested layman and the seasoned historian. A scholarly tour de force, a must read!

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