1844: Convergence in Prophecy for Judaism, Christianity, Islam and the Baha'i Faith

Author: Eileen Maddocks
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ISBN: 9781732106505
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What in the world happened in 1844? Followers of William Miller and the Millerite movement expected the Advent, the Second Coming of Jesus, in 1844. When the Advent did not happen as expected, the Great Disappointment ensued. Miller was wrong. But was he? Did the spirit of Christ return in 1844 in the Middle East? Explore the prophecies of Daniel and follow the events in the West and the East to their amazing conclusion.


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by J. Tyson
on 9/9/2021
from Hamilton, NJ
The Greatest Convergence
This book focuses on what is almost certainly the most amazing convergence of prophecy in all of the sacred writings of the religions of humanity:  The Judeo-Christian prophecies concerning the return of Christ and the “cleansing of the sanctuary” (which point clearly to the year 1844 AD) and the Shi’ite Muslim prophecies that point to the year 1260 AH—which is also the year 1844 AD.  That these two traditions, coming from entirely different sources, should converge on the same year out of a thousand or thousands of other possibilities, and that the appearance of the Bab should occur in that very year, constitutes one of the greatest proofs of a Supreme Intelligence which has been guiding humanity since our earliest days. Definitely a book worth reading and giving to others who have interest in God’s actions in human history.
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