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Bahá'í Publishing Trust



Our VISION is to be a spiritual enterprise that diffuses the word of God under the guidance of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of the United States of America.

Our MISSION is to provide sacred texts and authoritative Writings of the Bahá'í Faith and other Bahá'í literature and selected materials to the greatest possible number of souls.

The Bahá’í Publishing Trust (BPT) is a nonprofit business established by the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of the United States for the purpose of publishing and distributing to Bahá’ís and to the general public the sacred texts and authoritative writings of the Bahá’í Faith and other Bahá’í literature and select related items that strengthen and aid members of the Bahá’í Faith, proclaim the message of Bahá’u’lláh, and advance the Cause of God.

In carrying out its mission, the Bahá’í Publishing Trust operates according to Bahá’í principles and in accord with guidance provided by its governing institutions. It offers its products and services at the lowest price compatible with a befitting presentation, the maintenance of the value of the capital investment, and the accumulation of sufficient funds to sustain the business.

Publications are issued under two imprints: “Bahá’í Publishing Trust” is the imprint under which the sacred texts, authoritative texts, and works intended primarily for adult Bahá’ís are published; “Bahá’í Publishing” is the trade imprint under which books intended primarily for the adult general public are published. 


Bahá’í Distribution Service

The Bahá’í Distribution Service (BDS) continues to serve as the distribution arm of the Bahá’í Publishing Trust, and the primary distributor for Bahá’í World Center Publications. BDS also provides the majority of product fulfillment to the national Bahá’í schools and provides subscriber services for Brilliant Star, One Country, Bahá’í Newsreel, and international subscriptions for The American Bahá’í.

Through our two online stores – and – our customers can today choose from thousands of print and eBook titles (including many free) in several world languages, as well as digital media in a variety of formats. Whether you are looking for a favorite Bahá’í book, the latest teaching material, the newest bestseller in the Bahá'í world, a CD or DVD, an entire downloadable audio book, or an instant download of a single mp3 of inspirational music, we're your one-stop source. In addition to our online stores, you can also call our Customer Service Department during business hours Monday through Friday to place an order.


Our Team

We have a core group of dedicated, experienced professionals on staff and available as consultants across editorial, purchasing, business management, marketing and customer service operations.

Our experienced marketing staff and customer service representatives provide digital media (music, audiobooks and video) for instant download to customers through our website, while dedicated customer service representatives sell books, eBooks, audiobooks, CDs, DVDs, gifts and other items through our website.

Our team is available for receiving orders and inquiries from customers by telephone Monday through Friday during regular business hours (except for Bahá’í Holy Days and official holidays), as well as accept online orders around the clock every day of the year.

We have an efficient, local distribution operation through a third-party provider to ship products worldwide.

Our team operates an exclusive network system that links ordering, shipping, and accounting procedures to Finances and websites.

Thank you for visiting us at and


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