A New Story of Wholeness

An Experiential Guide for Connecting the Human Family
  • Author: Robert Atkinson
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  • ISBN: 978-1958921098
  • Publisher: Light on Light Press
  • Pages: 222
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Soft Cover

Synthesizing his work in personal mythmaking, soul-making, and storytelling, award-winning author Robert Atkinson draws from mythology, mysticism, rites of passage, and psychology to identify a pattern within our unconscious that guides our evolving consciousness, transforms our lives, keeps our focus on the wholeness of all things, and keeps humanity on its evolutionary trajectory.

In bringing all the paths to wholeness back together as one, this pioneering, practical, and easy to use experiential guide provides the context, framework, and the reflective writing exercises needed for telling our stories of wholeness. In doing so, we connect the human family, one story at a time.

Jean Houston’s Foreword, “Reweaving Our Stories,” and Deepak Chopra’s Afterword, “Wholeness is What We Are,” offer compelling and insightful bookends to this essential and comprehensive principle-based toolbox for understanding the direction and pattern of our evolving consciousness and how the individual and collective levels are always intertwined and interdependent.

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