Art of Empowering Others

The Life and Times of Gayle Abas Woolson Knight of Baha'u'llah
  • By (author): Juliet Gentzkow
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Gayle Woolson had already been pioneering in Latin America for fourteen years when in early 1954 she opened the Gal?pagos Islands to the Bah?'? Faith, thus earning the title "Knight of Bah?'u'll?h." Although her time there was brief, the story of her rich and varied life, dedicated to building up Bah?'? communities throughout Latin America, serving and empowering others, makes fascinating and inspiring reading. Her work with children's education, particularly through the Children's Public Speaking Project where she taught children to memorize passages from the Bah?'? Writings, to present them in public, and to express what they learned in service, was a precursor of the process of learning and practice now finding systematized expression in the worldwide Bah?'? community.

"Future generations will extol your labours, follow in your footsteps, and derive inspiration from your pioneer activities." Shoghi Effendi to Gayle Woolson in Costa Rica, 1942

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By (author): Juliet Gentzkow