Bab and the Babi Community of Iran 1819-2019 (Persian)


This book contains ten chapters each written by a scholar in this field - including Mojan Momen, Fereydun Vahman, and Nader Saeedi - compiled and edited by Dr. Fereydun Vahman. The book reveals the emergence of a new religion in nineteenth century Iran and its revolutionary teachings that, with the passion and sacrifice of its adherents, gradually penetrated Iranian society. Despite more than one and a half centuries of violent persecution, this religion not only continued to exist but also transformed and spread beyond the borders of Iran in the form of the Bahá’í Faith.

The importance of this unique work cannot be overstated. Firstly, because it is a lasting tribute of our generation to the Báb’s bicentenary birth, and secondly because of its original and novel contents on the Báb and the Bábí community of Iran. In Persian.

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Edited by: Fereydun Vahman