Baha'i Community of Khurasan - Events & Memories (Persian)

Born in Iran in 1935, the author shares his memoirs from his time in Mashhad in the Khorasan province as a member of the Baha’i Community, the country's largest non-Muslim religious minority. He provides snippets of the Baha’i community life in Mashhad as well as information on Baha’i communities in other cities and towns in Khorasan, refers to the activities of the anti-Baha’i Hojjatiyyeh society, recalls the visits to Masshad by various Hands of the Cause, and describes the persecution of Baha’is under the Islamic Republic of Iran. He also shares his memoirs of his time in the Bahamas and the United States. In Persian. 438 pages.
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By (author): Dr. Manoocher Mofidi