Baha'i Faith - An Introduction Pamphlet (Pack of 20)

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A four-fold introductory pamphlet on the Bah?'? Faith. Included are brief descriptions of the Founders of the Bah?'? Faith, the oneness of God and humanity, community-building activities centered on social and spiritual transformation, and more. Ideal for giving away at events, to have on hand at Bah?'? Centers, or to hand out to people you meet around town. Sold in packs of 20.

This pamphlet is a companion piece to the website of the Bah?'?s of the United States,, where people can find stories about Bah?'? history, social impact, lifestyle and community building.

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A Great Teaching Tool!

Review by Anita R. Showers on 9/4/2023

This well-conceived, compact pamphlet contains all the elements for a quick-read introduction to the Faith: attractive design using the headline "Hope in a chaotic world"; engaging photos that depict the diversity of the beautiful human garden; "snackable" text covering the most salient topics; scripture selections; details about how to learn more. Bravo and thank you to the team who created this little publication. I plan to use it frequently!

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