Baha'i World 2003-2004

The Baha'i World 2003-2004 is the eleventh volume in an annual series prepared both for a general audience and Baha'i readers, to present a yearly record of the activities and perspectives of the Baha'i International Community. This volume covers the period from 21 April 2003 to 21 April 2004. Some of the volume's highlights are an article by Ann Boyles on families and a selection of sacred writings on the same topic, as well as an essay by Michael Penn on the Baha'i response to domestic violence. Other features include an article surveying 50th jubilee celebrations for Baha'i communities across the globe, a report of the World Summit on the Information Society, and an essay about the Houses of Worship, as well as the annual Year in Review, obituaries, and updates about the situation of the Baha'is in Iran. The book is 280 pages with full-color photos and an index. On the cover: Baha'is in Cambodia study materials from the Ruhi courses. CONTENTS Introduction to the Baha'i Community Writings and Messages Baha'i Sacred Writings Highlights of Messages from the Universal House of Justice Events 2003-2004 Worldwide Jubilee: 50th Anniversary of the Opening of the Ten Year Crusade The Year in Review Promoting Unity in Europe World Summit on the Information Society Baha'i International Community Activities Update on the Situation of the Baha'is in Iran and Egypt Essays, Statements, and Profiles Inner Enlightenment, Moral Refinement, and Justice: Antidotes to Domestic Violence by Michael Penn World Watch: The Family by Ann Boyles Towards a Purposeful Beauty: Reflecting on and Learning from the Houses of Worship by Charles Boyle Profile: Tahirih Justice Center Statements by the Baha'i International Community The Role of Men and Boys in Achieving Gender Equality Baha'is in Iran: Current Situation Baha'is in Egypt: Current Situation Information and Resources Obituaries Statistics Directory Selected New Publications in English A Basic Baha'i Reading List Glossary Index
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Editor: Ann Boyles