Brilliant Star: Transforming Our Spirits

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Brilliant Star

Brilliant Star: Transforming Our Spirits, Vol. 51, No. 5. This issue focuses on qualities that help us and our communities change and develop. Compelling content includes:

  • Explore tools for adapting to change with a growth mindset;
  • Discover how ‘Abdu’l-Bahá touched kids’ hearts in Paris;
  • Learn a prayer in three languages to help your spirit bloom;
  • Quiz yourself on how you respond to opportunities;
  • Create a shining snowflake mobile in Nur’s Nook;
  • Find out how kids around the world handle changes and challenges;
  • Turn milk into ice cream in Maya’s Mysteries;
  • Learn answers to kids’ questions about space from NASA astronaut Dr. Don Pettit and our STEM Education Advisor, Dr. Steve Scotti;
  • Get to know Eric Harper, who wants his music to bring us closer to God.
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