Charms: Quests for Antiracism

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Game Kit

A game to encourage dialogue about racism and steps we can take in our personal lives to bring about change. Players ask questions, roll and interpret inspiring game pieces, and try to discover the most amazing insights toward antiracism.

Quests for Antiracism can be used as an expansion pack for Charms: A Game of Insight or can be used for dialogue, reflection, or writing prompts on your own or with any size group. It can also be used for online play at

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Unity-Building Addition to an Awesome Game!

Review by Amy Renshaw on 6/2/2021

I love Charms: A Game of Insight, and the new Quests for Anti-Racism questions make it easy to consult with friends on challenging topics. They can also be used without the game as conversation starters. Lisa Blecker and C. Aaron Kreader at Studio 9 Games continue to create wonderful, unity-building materials!

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