Coming of the Glory, Volume I

  • Author: Eileen Maddocks
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The Coming of the Glory and its succeeding two volumes comprise a survey of a vast ancient world: the development of religion as we know it today. There are numerous references in the Hebrew Bible (or the Old Testament) that seem to allude to and, though thinly veiled, even announce the coming of the Báb, Bahá’u’lláh, and the Bahá'í Era.

Beginning with the historical context from which emerged the revelations of Adam, Noah, Abraham, and Moses, extensive archeological excavations of Middle Eastern sites give indications of religious belief systems. Looking at three archeological sites in particular gives evidence for animism, ancestor veneration, animal and human sacrifice, and polytheism. Then the Prophet Adam appeared, followed by many other prophets. An exploration of what is known of the lives, words, and teachings of these prophets shows the development of a new society and way of thinking. Revealed in those ancient pages is a God who declares that the end is known from the beginning, and that He has made it known to His servants, the prophets. The purpose of those prophets was to address the problems of their time–idolatry and disobedience to the Mosaic Dispensation–and to call the people to obedience to the Divine Covenant. They also foretold a time of Glory in, what was to them, the distant future—an age of global peace and the unity of humankind.

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Serious history, academic research

Review by Tom Armistead on 7/21/2021

The Coming of the Glory is a worthy addition to the literature about the teachings of the Bahá’í Faith. Its narrative begins deep in prehistory in accordance with the Bahá’í teaching that God has never left His creation without divine guidance, although the records of the earliest prophets have been lost in the mists of time. Religion is often seen as the red-headed stepchild of serious history, its teachings considered irrelevant to historical research until they intrude on history through conflict or political influence. But the Bahá’í Faith sees religion and science as two integral, complementary forms of knowledge. The Coming of the Glory illustrates how the social science of history and the religion of divine guidance can be read together to understand humanity’s journey from the age of hunter-gathering families to the turbulent adolescence of global civilization on the cusp of mature world unity.

A Broad Perspective on the Old Testament

Review by J. Tyson on 8/28/2020

The Coming of the Glory (Vol I) is a refreshing look at the early parts of the Old Testament. Rather than being confined to the Old Testament and Christian/Jewish sources alone, the author brings into the discussion a knowledge of archeology as well as the cultural contexts of the times. She also provides perspectives from the Qur’an and from the Baha’i writings, thus creating a much more reasonable and well-rounded view of the Old Testament stories and prophets. Separating myth and legend from archeologically-based evidence, and understanding the stories (especially the oldest ones) as conveyors of spiritual truths rather than as strict history, enables her to bring the Old Testament into focus, making it much more believable and reasonable, and thus more relevant as a source of guidance, even for today’s world. I am very much looking forward to reading volumes 2 and 3 when they are available.

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