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Consulting Detective

Consulting Detective

Author: Alan Manifold
Product Code: CDST
ISBN: 978-1-61851-122-5
Publisher: Baha'i Publishing
Availability: In stock

Detective Mihdí Montgomery is not your average mystery novel detective. Far from being a hardboiled, reticent loner, he is an outgoing, happily married father of two children who relies on spiritual principles for guidance in both his work and personal life. But when a rabbi is murdered in a Jewish synagogue in an apparent hate crime, Detective Montgomery’s faith is put to the test.

A rabbi in the Beth Shalom Synagogue has been murdered through a blow to the head with a heavy brass candleholder, and hateful graffiti has been spray-painted throughout the synagogue. As he begins interviewing people with connections to the killing, Detective Montgomery finds that different people had plenty of motives to murder the rabbi. Perhaps it was the real estate agent who was hoping to buy the synagogue if people moved out. Perhaps it was the jealous ex-boyfriend of the woman who was in love with the rabbi. Or perhaps it was the white nationalist who has a history of posting racist flyers in the area. With such a diversity of suspects, Detective Montgomery must move quickly to pinpoint the suspect if he is to keep the synagogue, the town, and his family out of harm’s way.


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by Mary Rysdale
on 7/14/2019
from CA
Great read!
Tightly plotted and told with humor. The detective doesn't just talk the talk, he walks the walk.
This is an entertaining book that also reinforces a youngster's ability to see a path of moral conduct as a good thing. It's not too preachy, and is a great bridge for a non-Baha'i to learn a little about this Faith.
I'd recommend for a youth reading group, or as an activity for English, social studies, or religion classes. Since the book is a fast read, it keeps your attention. The multi cultural elements provide a great basis for comparative analysis to other genre books that might be less dimensional.

Well done! I look forward to another detective story by this author.
by Susan Handley
on 7/28/2018
from Brisbane Australia
Consulting Detective
I took my time reading Consulting Detective and very much enjoyed the hours spent with Detective Mehdi in Pine Bluff and its surrounds (a diverse urban area which mirrors many cities in the world today). Detective Mehdi is a believable and likeable character. The story was engaging and the plot complicated enough to be unpredictable. The book makes an important contribution to fiction, bringing a Baha'i perspective to uncovering mysteries and solving crimes.
by mary zemke
on 4/4/2018
from New Zealand
Consulting Detective
Anyone would enjoy this well-written detective novel. As a Baha'i it was a real treat to see a well adjusted caring family man with so much character as the centre of the story. I have always loved "Who Dunnit?" plots, and this one peels like an onion. I highly recommend this "page-turner".  
by Shirin Sabri
on 3/20/2018
from Jihocesky Kraj
Consulting Detective
A good read! A solid plot, well paced with engaging, attractive characters. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.
by Luana Hirahara
on 3/12/2018
from Japan
Consulting Detective
I really enjoyed this book! It was an interesting murder mystery with characters I could relate to because they are Baha'is. 
The main character is a detective trying to solve the murder of a Jewish Rabbi. He gets assistance from the Christian and Muslim neighbors. I wish there were more novel such as this!
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