Dar Zili Shajarih-i Mithaq (Persian)

Biography of Mr. Badi'i Bushru'i

Dar Zili Shajarih-i Mitháq Khátiráti Badi`i Bushru´i

By Soheil Bushrui and Ashkan Monfared

This is Mr. Badi Bushrui's journal who was the secretary of Abdu'l Bahá and lived in the Holy Land from 1902 to 1916. He describes the day-to-day activities in the company of the Master, the critical upheavals of that period including early years of the First World War and the famine engulfing the area. It also includes the description of the erection of the Shrines of the Bab, the circumstances around the Writing of the Tablets of the Divine Plan and Memorials of the Faithful.
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Review by P on 8/8/2023

This is a memoire written by a Bahai about his days with AbdulBaha. Beautifully written with detailed descriptions. I am enjoying this book, it even has a ribbon as a bookmark so you can keep track as it lots of pages. The item shipped fast but the price was very expensive.

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