Dawn-Breakers: Nabil's Narrative of the Early Days of the Baha'i Revelation

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The Dawn-Breakers, also called Nabil's Narrative is the most comprehensive and authoritative eyewitness account of the beginnings of the Bahá'í era. It is also distinguished for being the only work of its kind completed in the time of Bahá'u'lláh, who approved portions of the manuscript. Translated by Shoghi Effendi, and originally published in English in 1932, this book continues to offer a priceless resource for those wishing to better understand early Bahá'í history, its connection to the Bábí religion, and the implications of this history for today.
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A primary history of the new revelation

Review by coffeehound on 2/9/2020

Nabil’s Narrative, The Dawn Breakers, is a primary source for Baha’i History and was recommended by The Beloved Guardian, Shoghi Effendi, as a book to be studied by Baha’i youth, as well as a path providing depth to adults who wish to know the details of the emergence of the Baha’i Faith. The Dawn Breakers is replete with vignettes of both amazing, if not miraculous, happenings contrasted with the suffering of followers of the Báb. The volume recounts stories about individual Letters of The Living, details of the battle at Shaykh Tabarsi, and the momentous effect of the Bábi Faith arriving as an spiritual storm to a society controlled by a clergy class. Nabil recognized himself as a pivotal chronicler of the events transpiring and recorded each detail and identity so that future generations would have a genuine history of the Faith and not one written down centuries after the event. This is a book of priceless value.

The Dawn Breakers

Review by David on 2/13/2019

I received a copy of the Dawn Breakers when I first enrolled as a Baha'i, back in 1968. I have cherished it ever since and read it as often as I can. I do more browsing and consulting than a full read through. It is just absolutely loaded with information and inspiration! It has incidents that shed so much light on the inimitable character and wisdom of both The Bab and Baha'u'llah, as well a the hardships they faced. I bought a translation of the "French Footnotes" a long time ago, and these are a great help, as there is some really important extra information contained in them. The description here does not mention whether this is a new edition or not, and if so, if there are any changes - such as a onboard translation of those French Footnotes. This would be a very valuable addition since there are so few polyglots around these days! I highly recommend every Baha'i household have this book available. Particularly to show serious seekers that we have this first hand account!

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