Dispensation of the Bab

  • Author: Boris Handal
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  • Pages: 337
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This is a comprehensive overview of the Bab’s teachings, laws, and ordinances. It provides readers with detailed information on the Bab's teachings, along with extensive quotes from the Bab's writings on a wide variety of matters.

“Boris Handal has provided a great service to the many fans of the 19th century messianic figure who appeared in Iran and who is generally known as ‘the Bab.’ While other books about the Bab discuss the history of His life, and largely pass over His theological and legal teachings, this book tackles them head on, and relates them directly to the most important theme in the Bab’s writings, namely, Him Whom God shall make manifest.” - Peter Terry, author of A Prophet in Modern Time

“Boris Handal’s comprehensive account of the religion of the Bab is a timely and much needed publication for the benefit of the general and expert reader. For the first time a book covers so many aspects of the less known Babi Faith that constitutes the basis of the Baha’i Faith.” - Necati Alkan, University of Bamberg/Germany, author of Dissent and Heterodoxy in the late Ottoman Empire: Reformers, Babis and Baha’is

“This fascinating book by Dr Boris Handal will surely prove surprising, confirming and indispensable to all Baha’is. It is a comprehensive, yet easy-to-read book which brings together many aspects of the religion of the Bab that are not easily found elsewhere.” - Michael V. Day, author of Point of Adoration

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