Founders of Faith

The Parallel Lives of God's Messengers
  • Author: Harold Rosen
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Founders of Faith explores the lives of the Founders of the world's major religions - including Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and the Baha'i Faith - and reveals that they are linked by sets of striking patterns. These patterns suggest that our world's religions share universal teachings and have a common divine source. Author Harold Rosen explains how the Founders of the major religions function as the teachers of humanity; how their station differs from that of seers, visionaries, and minor prophets; and how their teachings transformed not only the civilizations that embraced them, but also humanity as a whole. Founders of Faith provides an examination of the rise and fall of religious civilizations, an illustrative overview of six such civilizations, as well as the background and apparent shape of the emerging global civilization.

Harold Rosen is a Community Interfaith Educator, a designer and teacher of community courses on world religions and world history. He was an Instructor of Philosophy and Religion for fourteen years at the University of Idaho and various universities and colleges in Canada. He was a Unitarian minister for twenty-five years, and has been a Baha'i interfaith educator since the year 2000. He has written extensively on religion and interfaith issues. He lives in Vancouver, Canada.

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Founders of Faith

Review by Shizu E. M. Futa on 9/21/2023

Mr. Rosen has assembled a comprehensive study of the prophets who founded 7 of the world's most noted religions. His material has been extensively researched and is a great platform for anyone wishing to write a comparative paper or book on any religion. Another facet of the book is the insight it casts upon the station of prophethood as separate from the human. It has been on my reference shelf for over a decade and is still one of my go-to's.

Of interest to anyone wanting to understand the origins of all the world's religions

Review by Glen Little on 10/4/2017

This is a great book, of interest to anyone wanting to understand the origins of all the world's religions! It was fascinating to read of the lives of so many great leaders.

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