Growth and Gratitude Journal

  • By (author): Kami Ahmadi
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  • ISBN: 979-8724789264
  • Pages: 215
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Soft Cover
A tool to focus on growth and gratitude in just a few minutes a day. Every day of this three month long journal starts with reflection on an inspiring quote from the Baha'i writings, which provides strategies for personal and spiritual growth that can create a more coherent, meaningful, and fulfilling life. This is followed with a gratitude practice—a practice that psychology research has shown can increase happiness, improve health and well-being, strengthen your ability to deal with adversity, and even enhance your relationships. There is space for reflection; in which you can observe the changes in your life through systematically implementing what you are learning. Weekly and quarterly reflection and planning pages are provided to offer a longer term perspective on the growth achieved.
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By (author): Kami Ahmadi