Haft Dokhtaran / The Seven Maidens (Persian)

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This is a narrative about the martyrdom of the author's sister: Miss Simin Saberi. Simin Saberi was martyred alongside six other girls and three other women in Shiraz, in the year of 1983. The book includes a brief account of the manner in which the author's parents became believers of the Bahá'í Faith and the memories he carries from his childhood. The author then recounts the subsequent rise of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the calamities and disasters that befell the innocent Bahá'ís of the land of Iran, including the arrests and martyrdom of 226 of the believers; starting from the early unrest in 1978 until September of 2016. The book also examines the efforts made by the Iran Human Rights Documentation Centre, and the internal correspondence of the Islamic Republic of Iran with regard to the denial of human rights to the Bahá'ís of Iran.
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