Kinship of the Bible and Qur'an

An Interfaith Perspective
Soft Cover
Kinship of the Bible and Qur’an makes a unique contribution towards inter-religious compassion. It advocates ways of reading Jewish, Christian and Islamic holy books that champion commonalities and debunk disparaging misreadings. Friendly eyes examine each book’s unique characteristics, seeing genuine expressions of faith. Upon reading this book, you may emerge with renewed hope in the power of religion as a force for peace.
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Great Handbook for Interfaith Work with Jews, Christians and Muslims

Review by J. Tyson on 10/5/2023

The book lives up to its title, focusing on issues in Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and on how members of these religions have understood (or occasionally misunderstood) their scriptures. It shows how all have similar roots, with many parallel teachings. “Discordant claims” are acknowledged, with explanations offered of possible ways to understanding passages in a manner that can lead away from discord. Comprised of 80 short articles on as many topics--these can be easily found in the table of contents. Numerous photos and useful illustrations are placed within the 147 pages of text. Back matter includes brief overviews of the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament and the Qur’an, a bibliography and an index to verses cited. Though the author is a Baha'i, the book does not include quotes from the Baha’i Writings, staying focused instead on other major religions. It's a useful handbook/reference tool for resolving differences between the followers of these religions.

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