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Life, Death and Immortality: The Journey of the Soul

Compilers: Terrill G. Hayes, Betty J. Fisher, Richard A. Hill, Terry J. Cassiday
Product Code: LDIT
ISBN: 978-1-931847-28-5
Publisher: Baha'i Publishing
Pages: 150
Availability: In stock
Price: $14.00

The Journey of the Soul begins and ends by answering the weightiest questions we can pose about our reality as human beings: What is the purpose of life? What is death? How do we attain true happiness? What is the soul and how does it develop? What is the nature of the afterlife? Will we know and recognize our loved ones? Answers to these questions and more are found in this profound and comforting collection of readings, meditations, and prayers from the Bahá'í writings.

The Journey of the Soul: Life, Death, & Immortality combines a clear view of the purpose of life with reassuring explanations about the connection between the physical and spiritual worlds. Those who are seeking a spiritual pathway are sure to find encouragement and direction in this wonderful, thought-provoking exploration of the human experience.


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by Kellie Heath
on 1/16/2019
from Mesa, AZ
An extraordinary book!
This collection of Baha'i Writings concerning the life of the soul in this world and in the worlds to come is thoroughly uplifting and often exhilarating! To really grasp that we are spiritual beings living in eternity *right now* and that we can continue to grow in the love and knowledge of God forever, to contemplate the awesome nature of this magnificent universe and the interconnectedness of all things--what topics could be more important, more impacting, and more exciting? This is a book I read over and over to remind myself of the beauty of this precious life, of who we really are. It restores my hope and sense of wonder and makes me so grateful to have learned of the Baha'i Faith. The collection is accompanied by a very insightful and well written introduction by Dr. John Hatcher, also a great read. Highest recommendation!
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