Micky's Masterpiece

Soft Cover
Nine-year-old Micky is different from most kids his age; he doesn't like sports but instead likes art. He is surprised to discover a connection between art and faith, and the boys who like baseball surprise him, too.
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It's Not Easy Being Different

Review by Eric on 6/5/2022

Mickey's Masterpiece by Anne Gordon Perry with Illustrations by Era Frost is a wonderful story about how a young boy learns how liking things others don’t is not only OK, but it can open up new ways of looking at the world and getting to make new friends who share what you enjoy. Perry weaves a story exploring what many young people face on a daily basis. With sensitivity, she assists the young reader to explore their interests and talents that their friends may not share, and learn that it’s all right to be different and that others may share those interests as well. I highly recommend Mickey's Masterpiece to you.

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Illustrated by: Era Frost