Negahi Be Tarikh Az Zaviyehe Digar (Persian)

To Look at History from a Different Perspective
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This book takes the reader through a historical journey of the author’s motherland of Iran. It is a complete collection of historical events related to Iran before and after the Arab and Mongol invasions. The book aids the reader to gain full familiarity with the period during which The Bab declared His mission. The book also examines the subsequent political shift in Iran; away from dictatorship to constitutionalism. Moreover, the book discusses the issuing of two very important epistles from the pen of `Abdu’l-Baha in relation to politics and civilization. These two epistles are The Resaleh Madanieh and The Resaleh Siasieh. This book finally reviews the results of political interventions from religious leaders and the distortion of the perception of history by religious leaders and historians alike.
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