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The exciting journey of the divided human people! How do you draw interfaith dialogue? How do you pantomime a spearhead? What does 'Abdu'l-Bah? refer to as the "foundation of culture"? What kind of cake would you bake for the next Nineteen-Day-Feast? There are many ways to unite the human race in the Bah?'?-Activity-Game NUNKI. Unity of thoughts is key for your team to solve the Matching Tasks and win the game. EMBARK ON AN EXCITING AND INSPIRING JOURNEY! See short Instruction trailer on

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A truly fun game!

Review by Evan on 3/27/2021

This game is so much fun, and never feels too competitive. I play this with my friends periodically and we always have a great time and it's really fun to play and advance. Well done!

So fun!

Review by A. Dooki on 7/27/2019

We play it with our kids and it’s so fun! I like that it has cards of different difficulties so you can choose easy or hard. The cards have such amazing information that reinforces previous knowledge, shares basic Bahá’í concepts and increases understanding. Plus it sows the seeds of curiosity and encourages independent investigation. All this in a relaxed and fun way :)

Nunki- Das Bahá’í-Activity-Spiel

Review by Saghar on 7/27/2019

Excellent game, we had so much fun playing it at our local community with our friends young children and adults

Thank you

Review by M.Krone on 5/17/2018

Great game - thank you!

Our community game

Review by Adam Mosch on 7/4/2016

We all very much enjoyed playing Nunki in our community. We will continue playing it on different occasions.

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