One Planet, One Habitation (PDF)

A Baha'i Perspective on Recasting Humanity's Relationship with the Natural World
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A statement of the Baha’i International Community. This statement presents a thought-provoking reading of the root causes of escalating environmental breakdown and highlights principles and proposals for action that draw on experiences over many decades of work. At its heart, the statement underlines the gap between intention and action as one of the central challenges facing humanity. Some of the themes explored include: the essential principle of humanity’s oneness as the only foundation on which sustainable societies can be raised; justice as process and outcome; consultation and fostering consensus in action; and redefining notions of progress and development. Among the proposals offered in the statement are some concerning the important role of government in building a more sustainable world. One Planet, One Habitation is among the latest of the Baha’i International Community’s ongoing contribution to the discourse on the environment.
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One Planet, One Habitation PDF

Review by Archie Abaire on 12/8/2022

When I downloaded this PDF, I was looking forward to reading it. My only problem with it is that each PDF page displays two facing booklet pages side by side. The text is microscopic on my computer screen, making it unreadable. The layout and photos are gorgeous. If I could read the document, I would rate it at 5 (Excellent).

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