Pass It On Service Journal

  • Author: Elaheh Bos
  • Product Code:PIOSJ
  • ISBN: 978-1-48480-585-5
  • Publisher: plant love grow
  • Next Release Date: Not Available for Back Order- July 2024
  • Weight: 5 oz
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Soft Cover

A service journal is a way to create a snowball effect when it comes to service. The service journal reminds and encourages us to ‘pass it on.’ When you write about your service in the journal and then pass it on to someone else, you inspire them by your actions. The service journal encourages everyone to challenge themselves in doing creative and heartfelt services for others. Service is giving someone a gift without realizing that you are getting a bigger one in return. Service promotes compassion, self-esteem, and encourages a sense of purpose directed toward helping others. This journal would make a wonderful gift for junior youth and youth.

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