Personal Path, Practical Feet

Soft Cover

Personal Path, Practical Feet

In this collection of essays, Jaellayna Palmer has captured the spirit of jorney in a personal, practical way. Even simple, everyday moments such as sharing coffee with friends, commuting to work, or packing for a vacation are occasions for spiritual insights.

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Spiritual and Practical

Review by Alan Manifold on 11/8/2023

This collection of essays really delivers what it tries to deliver. Each essay takes a subject - extraordinarily deep and profound or some plain everyday sort of thing - and meditates on it with sometimes surprising, but always illuminating results. Good practical steps that you can take to change your life (and the lives of those around you) by degrees. Highly recommended!

Personal Path, Practical Feet

Review by Janice on 10/10/2017

Anyone interested in applying the exalted principles of the Baha'i Faith to living an ordinary life, will love this book. With insight, great intelligence and a dose of good humor, Jaellayna Palmer delivers something we can all relate to. This book is also a perfect gift for those who are investigating the Baha'i Faith. We all struggle, to a greater or lesser degree, with how to apply spiritual thought, how to go from thinking into action. I highly recommend this book.

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