Priceless Pearl

  • Author: Ruhiyyih Rabbani
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  • ISBN: 978-1-870989-92-3
  • Publisher: Baha'i Publishing UK
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Soft Cover

The Priceless Pearl is an appraisal of the life and work of Shoghi Effendi, the Guardian of the Bahá’í Faith. The panorama of his life, so filled with sorrow and drama, victory and crisis, stretches through the pages of this book in a memorable and moving tale of historic events. This biography—which serves as a tribute to a unique and far-visioned figure in Bahá’í history—was penned by Ruhiyyih Rabbani, the wife of Shoghi Effendi, who served him tirelessly as his personal secretary, who was appointed by him a Hand of the Cause of God, and who he stated had been his “shield” during difficult days in his life.

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Priceless Pearl

Review by Duane L Herrmann on 2/27/2023

I ordered this book as soon as I learned it was available. It arrived on a hot summer day. That is all I can remember. I lived in a house with a front porch out of the sun. I sat there the remainder of the day and read that amazing book about that astonishing life. I did not stop to eat. I don't remember even getting thirsty or hungry. I simply read. I only stopped when darkness prevented me from reading more. The back cover is still, decades later, imprinted with the shape of my hand from the sweat of my fingers. My Guardian has never been a distant person from that day forward.

Priceless Pearl

Review by Lisa on 8/29/2021

How fortunate we are that during her lifetime of service to the Faith, Ruhiyyih Rabbani took the time to write this portrait of her husband, Shoghi Effendi, the Guardian and Head of the Faith and authorized Interpreter appointed by Abdu'l-Baha. Because of the writings of Shoghi Effendi I gained a worldview that helped me be a servant to the well-being of the world, as best I could be. Because of Ruhiyyih Rabbani I gained these glimpses into the life of the Guardian and their life together, and I feel closer to them. They lived their faith in ways that are inspiring and empowering, and there were certainly some surprises here! I love how down-to-earth she was, and count myself extremely blessed to have met her. My book is full of sticky notes, and I’m sure I’ll go back to it.

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