Re-Vitalizing Our Marriage

Applying the Teachings of the Bahá'í Faith to Strengthen Our Union
Soft Cover

A vital marriage is dynamically alive and thriving. However, your marriage can be challenged at any point with being distracted and disconnected. Difficult experiences may cause you to behave independently instead of being partners. Re-Vitalizing Our Marriage includes current spiritual guidance from the Baha'i Faith, input from science about success factors, quotes from experienced couples at all life stages, practical activities, and reflections. With Re-Vitalizing Our Marriage, you can work toward becoming happier, healthier, and more unified.

This book will help you to:

  • Begin with small positive actions that re-build your connection
  • Strengthen individual self-respect and well-being
  • Establish support for you as a couple and your family
  • Build communication and consultation skills
  • Address and recover from marriage problems
  • Re-commit to and re-create your marriage partnership
  • Restore your vitality as a couple and family

To create this helpful book, Susanne M. Alexander draws on her experiences as a Marriage Coach and Educator and on those of her own marriage. She shares a depth of material from the Baha'i teachings and science about how you can have a successful marriage. Establishing healthy marriages is at the foundation for thriving families and communities, and Re-Vitalizing Our Marriage shows you how.

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