Shu'a: Ray of the Sun

The Life and Services of Hand of the Cause of God Shu'a'u'llah 'Ala'i
Soft Cover

This book turns a searchlight on the services and sacrifices of one of the Hands of the Cause of God who is less known in the West, but whose life story is unique.

Shu‘a‘u’lláh ‘Alá’í was among the most esteemed members of the Iranian Bahá’í community. From a young age he had the honor of serving on Bahá’í administrative organizations in Iran, including the National Spiritual Assembly from its inception in 1934, both as a member and for many years as its chairman.

Respected and held in high regard by his peers, he achieved a high-ranking position as a government official. A man of out-standing integrity and courage, he was fearless in defense of the persecuted Iranian Bahá’ís. From 1952, when he was appointed by Shoghi Effendi as Hand of the Cause, he began to travel internationally on several continents, particularly in Asia, presenting the essential contribution of the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh to universal peace, justice, education and development.

Shu‘a‘u’lláh ‘Alá’í’s many gifts of intellect and spirit, his candour and simplicity, as well as his sunny disposition, endeared him to many during his lifetime and will be newly appreciated by present-day readers.

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