Spiritual Enterprise: Building Your Business in the Spirit of Service (ePub)

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A well-known business consultant, coach, speaker and author, Lawrence Miller discloses the spiritual principles that have made his business such a success and which lie behind all successful modern organizations. He proposes that there is not necessarily any contradiction between pursuing material progress, whether in the form of a nation’s economy or personal wealth, and the teachings of religion. In fact, he states, it is the great challenge of one’s personal spiritual struggle to remain centered in spiritual reality while pursuing success in business.

He identifies and explores new principles of management for a new age, including: honesty and trustworthiness; the spirit of service; justice, consultation; unity; moderation; world citizenship; and universal education. He alos shows how to put these principles to work in the real world of business, looking at: capital and finance; design of work; structure and organization; human resource development; information systems; reward and recognition; customers, suppliers and community; and leadership.

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