• By (author): D Rae Price
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Soft Cover

The Sundering Series is a Bah?'?-inspired, first contact, science fiction adventure set nine hundred years in the future. A peaceful but struggling humanity reaches out from Earth, looking for planets, looking for people, looking for their place in the galaxy.

They find more than they bargained for.

Book 1: The Sundering Far in the outer sectors, the supply chain from Earth is stretched to the breaking point. Ships can only jump between stars using an ancient alien transit system called the a-rings. But now, someone or something is jumping into human space, destroying the a-rings-trapping people on rundown space stations.

Cargo captain Beezan Mirage, one of the few people that can jump, has sacrificed eight years as a solo pilot delivering critical supplies to keep space stations operational. For Beezan, it's better to be alone than suffer the loss of another crew.

Runaway Jarvie Atikameq makes a desperate move to get away from teen training school, onto a ship, and back to his last surviving shipmate. He may be the only person with a clue to what's really happening with the mysterious a-ring accidents.

Can they work together to save the sectors?

Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 4 reviews )

Good Science Fiction

Review by Brigid Chillers on 5/26/2023

Good sci-fi in a nice galaxy. I read a lot of science fiction and it makes the grade, with the powerful Baha'i quotes fitting in well. .I bought the e-book from Kobo and am on the second volume.


Review by Cindy on 5/4/2023

Little old husband and wife currently reading this book out loud to each other and loving it! Both love science fiction in movies and television, but not big readers of the genre. We are having a hard time doing anything else but read this book. It is sooo good!

Wonderful Baha'i SF Novel

Review by David C on 1/31/2023

D Rae Price's science fiction novel "The Sundering" is a first contact story featuring humans about 900 years in the future. These humans are a bit calmer and wiser than those of us living in the tumultuous 21st century. The space-faring technology presented is close to hard science fiction with an unusual take on faster than light travel. There is well done and believable character development. Instead of a bombastic plot line, the real drama is this book is how to humans interact amongst themselves and with the sentient aliens they encounter as they face extraordinary circumstances. An entertaining and thoughtful read. I have already read the second books in the series and am looking forward to reading the third. I have read a fair number of science fiction books by Baha'i authors over the past couple decades and find this book to be the most akin to modern science fiction of the upbeat and progressive "Solar Punk" genre. The Baha'i elements of the story are well integrated.

The Sundering

Review by Brian Burriston on 1/23/2023

Don't be fooled thinking a space adventure without putting up blast shields, issuing red alerts and firing lasers is going to be slow moving. The characters are so interesting, the story so intriguing. I'm done with the second book and the pace keeps picking up. I was compelled to always read 'one more chapter' before putting it down.

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By (author): D Rae Price