Wise Men of the West

A Search for the Promised One in the Latter Days, Volume I
  • Author: Jay Tyson
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America was ablaze with millennial anticipation in 1844. Reflecting upon Scriptural prophecy, signs in the heavens, and the gospel of the kingdom having been preached to all nations, religious leaders expected Christ's return was imminent. Hundreds of thousands of laypeople also looked to the skies in joyous anticipation -- or dread.

Clearly, their expectations were not fulfilled; were these wrong, or simply misunderstood? In Perth Amboy, New Jersey, devout Quaker Josiah Thompson is convinced the answers lie in the Holy Land, but is too aged to travel. So his son Zach and British scholar James Lawrence take up the quest, only to realize the question is far larger than they imagined. And what they discover will have profound implications not only for them, but all humanity as the modern age unfolds.

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Wise Men of the West

Review by Scott on 2/24/2023

I was fortunate to be able to see the drafts of both volumes of this work. I think it is an excellent presentation of progressive revelation and independent search for truth covered in a story-telling format. It does this within the context of informative historical fiction. I believe people would also find this a useful source for discussing the Baha'i Faith with others.

Wise Men of the West, vol I

Review by David on 8/20/2020

vol 1 is a terrific spiritual adventure, launched by a father who cannot go himself and a son whose spirit catches fire with the drama of possibilities that Christ's prayer may be at last and, perhaps, on time, fulfilled. Learned lots about other Faiths as well. And I thought I already knew alot about them! I learned so much about the relationships among the Zoroastrian Faith, Judaism and Christianity in volume I and quite a bit more; what a great way to explore the fulfillment of prophecies from all 3 religions and then including Islam, from various perspectives; that was very helpful.

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