Wise Men of the West, Volume II

The East
  • Author: Jay Tyson
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In the second and final volume of the thrilling historical novel Wise Men of the West, the search for the Promised One takes dramatic turns as our spiritual explorers pursue surprisingly parallel prophecies from Christian, Jewish, and Muslim sources, all pointing to the same time, and all pointing eastward. They set out to find answers from a famed teacher of Karbila, and at the tombs of the Wise Men of the East and the biblical prophet Daniel-both in Persia. Additional clues from Eastern religious traditions, prayer and guidance from dreams, lead them to a startling conclusion.

Upon his return to America, Zach finds William Miller and the Adventists reeling from the impact of what was already being called "The Great Disappointment." How can he convey to his religious countrymen the magnitude of his discoveries?

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Wise Men of the West, vol II

Review by David on 8/4/2020

I learned so much about the relationships among the Zoroastrian Faith, Judaism and Christianity in volume I and quite a bit more; what a great way to explore the fulfillment of prophecies from all 3 religions and then including Islam, from various perspectives; that was very helpful. That adventure continues is such remarkable ways in volume II. Thank you for this creative and deeply moving set of books on this vital gateway period to the age in which we live.

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