With Oars and Compass

A Purposeful Journey into Life, Love and Happiness
Soft Cover

A wonderful novel for young adults, With Oars and Compass takes readers on a profound journey of exploration - seeking out the answer to an age old question - what is my purpose?

Jane Luwi Flynn is a young woman feeling uncertain about the direction life is taking and disillusioned by what she sees around her. A whirlwind of questions run through her head and after an impulsive post on social media, a new path begins to emerge. She begins to meet with a group of friends on a regular basis, exploring tough questions as they deepen their understanding of underlying principles such as knowledge, unity, justice, and more.

All the while, Jane is drawing closer to one friend in the group, Xavier. But an unspoken past may stand between them. Will they be able to be honest with one another? Join Jane and her group of friends on this deeply personal and inspiring journey-where life, love, faith, and happiness are tested, and their understanding of life's purpose is redefined.

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