Without Hesitation

An Account of an Iraqi Prisoner of Conscience
Soft Cover
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On a December day in 1973, Anisa Abdul-Razzaq Abbas heard a knock at the door of the Baghdad home she was visiting. She opened the door to greet two men from the Iraqi Al-Amn security force, who immediately placed her under arrest. Her crime: being a member of the Bahá’í Faith, a religious minority in her native Iraq.

Over the next six years, Anisa—along with other members of the Bahá’í community who were arrested at that time—would spend three years in Iraq’s infamous Abu Ghraib prison and a further three years in Al-Rashaad prison before her release in 1979. During her years of incarceration, Anisa would rely on her faith to meet the myriad challenges of prison life. Day after day, she and her fellow-prisoners experienced levels of cruelty and injustice that most would find unthinkable. Separated from her husband, who was being held in the men’s prison, and from her children who were without both parents, Anisa was sustained through her darkest days by the steadfast devotion and sacrificial love of her family, and by the strength and solidarity offered by her fellow Bahá’í prisoners.

Anisa’s story is one of patience, courage, and steadfastness in the face of religious prejudice and state-sponsored oppression, and it is a reminder to us all of the resilient strength of the human spirit.

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A Memoir for difficult times.

Review by Robert on 8/3/2021

Really interesting reading about the author's Iraqi prison experience. The humanity, the positivity, the frustrations are so vivid. I really appreciate the translation/interpretation that captures the essence so well along with providing necessary background. I remember hearing about the imprisonment in the 1970s, so glad to understand the personal aspects of it, now. I tried to read slower because it was so interesting, I knew the book would end too soon.

An Indelible Account of Fearlessness and Fortitude in the Face of Indignity and Injustice

Review by Cathy DePorte on 6/28/2021

In 1979, I met Anisa Abdul Razzaq Abbas's 3 beloved children, Alhan, Abir, and Ruwa. Each had independently made the agonizing decision to flee their home country of Iraq, leaving behind their imprisoned parents in order to pursue a more promising future. They became dear friends and were pivotal in my spiritual journey. I met their remarkable mother, for the first time, in the pages of this book. The translator undertook a Herculean task in offering her mother's story of the 6 years she spent in 2 different prisons. Despite the inherent challenges, what emerges is an unforgettable voice, speaking as if we were sitting very close, looking directly into one another's eyes. With unflinching candor, Anisa Abdul Razzaq Abbas recounts many searing, personal experiences of prison life, and shares, with uncommon compassion, her encounters with fellow prisoners. Woven throughout, is her deep love for her faith and her family. Her voice will remain with me for the rest of my life.

Without Hesitation

Review by Dergham Aqiqi on 3/24/2021

This is a very interesting story of patience, courage, and steadfastness of a female teacher in the face of religious prejudice. An important part of this book is the meticulous details of different prisons including Abu Ghraiib and the condition of prisoners. The description of a number of prisoners sounds real and emotional. This book is about injustice, Faith, individual's endurance, perseverance, and love. Worth reading.

Without Hesitation

Review by Jehan Rehayem on 3/5/2021

I highly recommend reading “Without Hesitation “. The book beautifully gives us an insight into the journey of Anisa who endured many hardships and exemplified the Baha’i teachings. This book can be used by teachers as part of curriculum to teach social justice.

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Translated by: Alhan Irwin