A Graphic Novel Based on Actual Events
Soft Cover
Zanjan (A Graphic Novel) is a rich fictional work that is based on actual events from one of the many dramatic episodes surrounding the emergence of the Baha'i Faith in mid-nineteenth century Persia. In this story, Navid has been trained from an early age to join the elite, but everything he learns only leads him to more questions. His search for answers will take him from the quiet village where he grew up to the greatest cities of nineteenth-century Persia, and ultimately into the middle of a war that will tear apart families, challenge the country's most powerful leaders, and force Navid to question everything that he thought he knew. As the imperial army clashes with scholars and peasants in the ancient streets of Zanjan, Navid will participate in the birth of a new spiritual movement that has the power to transform the world.

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Keeps my kids engaged with Baha'i history

Review by Leanna on 9/26/2018

My kids love reading graphic novels, and it is so refreshing to have one that focuses on Baha'i history! Zanjan is so beautifully done - respectful of the history and the personages represented, yet still accessible and engaging for young readers. The artwork is exceptional.

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Review by J. Tyson on 5/20/2017

As a graphic novel, this story is conveyed in sketches and dialogue rather than the conventional text format. This can be ideal for older children and junior youth who are less inclined to reading books. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how about 600 graphics? 104 pages, with typically 6 sketches per page, and divided into 3 chapters.

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Illustrator: C. Aaron Kreader