A Boy in Akka

(1868 - 1870)
This is a mystery story about a young Turkish boy living in the prison-city of Akka in the nineteenth century who discovers a wonderful and true secret. As he follows clue after exciting clue, he has many tests but never gives up. His reward is to discover something so beautiful it can change the lives of everyone on earth.
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A Boy in Akka

Review by Cairan on 2/24/2023

An absolutely beautiful story that children of a wide range of ages can really engage with. Jacqueline Mehrabi as usual delivers on an engaging read that is hard to put down. Highly recommended for Friends and contacts who are close to the Faith.


Review by Yevgeniya on 5/8/2020

I love this book because it’s written as a detective. A fictional boy together with his sister and cousin is trying to discover who are these Prisoners who arrive in Akka and who are very unusual. All the stories about Bahá’u’lláh are woven into the story so brilliantly. Beautiful language as well! recommend for primary school kids

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