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Pause & Reflect is a series that presents meditative passages from the sacred and authoritative texts arranged around particular themes. While the Baha’i Faith places a great deal of importance on meditation and the cultivation of spirituality, it is also a religion that calls for action and societal transformation. Meditation is not exclusively a means for personal growth, but a tool that should equip us with insights and awareness that can be translated into action in our lives and in the communities in which we live. For so many artists, creators, and change makers, meditation and mindful living are practices interwoven with the creative process. There is a deep well of spiritual insight from which we can all draw in moments of quiet reflection, and the first book in the Pause & Reflect series, Meditations for Creativity, has been compiled with such moments in mind.

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Finally! We've been waiting for such a book!

Review by Cathy DePorte on 5/21/2020

Many of us have waited for a long time for a book like Pause & Reflect: Meditations for Creativity to come out, for it brings together the widely scattered quotations from the Bahá’í Writings on such important subjects as the importance of the arts, music and craftsmanship, creative thought and action, the search for joy and inspiration, and excellence. Whether one is an artist, scientist, social innovator, or simply a person seeking inspiration, the book is full of gems on which to reflect and to use as a springboard for action. A small book, with a pensive cover, it is nonetheless full of powerful ideas, formatted to facilitate thoughtful reflection. At this time when many of us are living a different life because of COVID-19 and thinking differently as a result, we can benefit from all the inspiration we can get. (More...) (NOTE from This review was originally made at an earlier date for the print version of this book; you will find the full review there. It is offered here for continuity purposes across the various formats.)

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