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Bab and His Heroes
Dawn of the New Revelation

Author: Moein Reyhani
Product Code: BHH
Publisher: Moein Reyhani
Availability: In stock

The Báb and His Heroes tells the dramatic story of the Báb and those brave men and women who, abandoning the religious doctrines and superstitions of their varied faiths, accepted His claim to fulfill the prophecies of those faiths and offered up their lives in His path.

Over the course of just a few short years, from 1844–1852, the new religion proclaimed by the Báb produced a revolutionary spirit among the people of Persia, and its teachings revolutionized the lives of His followers, creating profound transformations in individual and community morals and values, aspirations and organization. The profound truths He proclaimed and the plans He laid for the dissemination of His teachings were so compelling that in a brief span of years, His faith had spread throughout His native Persia, present-day Iran, and beyond.


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by Kathleen Mejia
on 7/19/2021
from WA
The Bab and His Heroes
The Bab and His Heroes is a moving and inspiring book about the life and ministry of the Bab focusing on the heroes of His Faith. Mr. Reyhani uses a wonderful cadence that will keep youth and adult readers engaged. It makes an excellent addition to Holy Day celebrations and observances as it brings to life the familiar stories and history of the Babi Faith with new details, photographs, maps, and diagrams. This is a fascinating read which shares new details about the believers who sacrificed their possessions, careers, families, and finally their lives to teach the Cause of the Bab. Reading this book has brought those sacrifices to life for me and has given me an incredible connection and insight into those spiritual warriors who gave everything for their love of the Bab in the face of tyranny and death.  I was moved by the intimate glimpses of those towering heroes of the Babi Faith such as Tahirih and Quddus. This book will become a staple in your personal library.
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