Book of Comfort & Healing

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Soft Cover

Book of Comfort & Healing

If you or someone you love is facing difficult health issues, you will find this compilation of over 200 short prayers and quotations from ten different faith traditions a source of great comfort and encouragement.

Organized by subject rather than by religion, headings include: God Can Help Us, God Loves Us, God Protects Us, God Heals Us, God Calls Us Home and God Comforts Us - along with several others. Prayers include categories of: prayers for assistance, guidance, forgiveness, healing, prayers for the departed, prayers for serenity, and more.

Faith traditions represented include Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, the Sufis and, of course, the Bah?'?s, plus some Interfaith prayers. This book makes a wonderful gift for family and friends of any faith - whether they are facing a long-term illness or are just temporarily under the weather.

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