Blossoms of Wisdom and Light for Grieving Hearts

Soft Cover
An illustrated compilation of inspirational quotes about healing from loss from 'Abdu'l-Bah? and many other sources, such as poetry, traditional proverbs, and writings from various world religions. A beautiful, artistic book filled with words of wisdom and comfort for anyone working through difficulty and grief.
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Deep appreciation for Alice Williams's new book on love and healing!

Review by Joyce Olinga on 6/1/2024

Each time Alice Williams publishes her creative works of art, known as a book, my soul is refreshed and encouraged! Her latest book, Blossoms of Wisdom and Light for Grieving Hearts, arrived at a most needed time in my life, as I was deeply saddened of the passing of a dear friend. Each book she has written shares some of her life giving painting with prayers, poems and quotes from many sources than can sooth and inspire one's heart and soul. I've given, and will continue to give away, many of her now 5 books to family, friends, doctors and interfaith co-hearts. Thank you dearest Alice and daughter Aimee Porter for creating this new masterpiece while you are still grieving the loss of your precious loved one! May all be blessed by pondering the gems within your books-truly gifts of love and wisdom!

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By (artist): Alice Williams
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