Brilliant Star: Wings of Equality

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Brilliant Star

Brilliant Star: Wings of Equality, Vol. 53, No. 1. This issue invites kids to explore gender equality, stereotypes, and social justice through activities including these:

  • Take a quiz about the struggle for gender equality around the world;
  • Discover the ways that emperor penguins cooperate as parents;
  • Learn how Bahá’u’lláh encouraged His wife, daughter, and other women in the Bahá’í Faith;
  • Create a bird puppet with flapping wings to symbolize equality;
  • Read answers to kids’ questions from a female NASA scientist;
  • Find out how having a positive attitude can help you challenge stereotypes;
  • Do a fun math activity with Earth-friendly pals Stuart and Gabriella;
  • Interview a woman you admire and share what makes her inspiring;
  • Explore how to have a healthy body image;
  • Meet Leonora Armstrong, the “spiritual mother” of South America.
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