Convergence (ePub)

Cities, Spirituality And The Future Of Civilization
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A wide-ranging exploration of how the elements of an ever-advancing civilization might unfold in the life of a city and the planet in the coming decades. Using as guiding principles some of the verses of Bah?'u'll?h, the author looks at how spirituality and the developing science of sustainability might converge to produce communities that are moderate, local but interconnected globally, technologically- and spiritually-based, progressive and sustainable, and great places to live. What makes a great place to live? The human race has yet to build a habitat where people can grow best, where all children receive an excellent education and health care, understand the natural environment, eat locally-grown delicious food, walk safely in their neighbourhoods, breathe pure air, feel the warmth of a united community life, have a world-embracing vision, serve others selflessly, and develop fully their intellectual, artistic and spiritual capacities. We know the environmental needs of dolphins, mountain lions and bees, the ideal habitats of nearly all flora and fauna. What, though, is the ideal habitat for human beings?
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