Dimensions of Baha'i Law

  • Author: Roshan Danesh
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  • Publisher: Baha'i Publishing
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Roshan Danesh has devoted his career to the study of law and religion with a particular focus on the Bah?'? Faith and its central legal text, the Kit?b-i-Aqdas. In this collection of essays-previously published in a variety of academic journals, including the prestigious Journal of Law and Religion-Danesh invites the reader into an exploration of largely unchartered waters. As he states in the introduction to this collection, "understanding Bah?'? law challenges us to question, and ultimately abandon, our taken-for-granted ways of thinking, talking about, and using law."

Organized around four distinct areas- Bah?'u'll?h's conception of law, the constitutional dimensions of the Bah?'? Faith, Bah?'u'll?h's theory of social change, and scholarship and discourses concerning Bah?'? law-the essays collected here are expansive and illuminating, and they provide an invaluable contribution to discourse on the subject. With a foreword by Kiser Barnes.

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