Eagles in the Dust (ePub)

Alcohol and Other Chemical Pastimes
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The case for choosing a life free from alcohol and drugs. Most of us have grown up in a culture where alcohol is commonplace. Many people believe that alcohol (and certain drugs) to be harmless - only severe substance abuse is harmful, and that responsible use can be beneficial as a part of normal social life . . . so goes the argument. We now live in a society awash with alcohol and drugs, which makes abstinence appear odd, unreasonable or even fanatical. Yet everyone knows someone (often a family member) whose life has been damaged by drugs or alcohol. So this book advocates rebellion. If being a rebel in some past age meant partying all the time, binge-drinking, taking drugs, being cool, this form of rebellion is long dead. Still, we rarely take a sceptical look at the use of 'alcohol and other chemical pastimes' in our society. Although inspired by the Bah?'? Writings, this book is not inherently religious. Drawing on reputable scientific sources easily available online, it makes the case for choosing a life free of alcohol and drugs - and not only for health reasons. It invites the reader to rebel against indolence, irrationality, prejudice, injustice and hatred; to stand for justice, clarity, community and compassion in the face of apathy and lethargy; to care deeply for humanity and to become a leader in the cultural change needed for society as a whole to fulfil its potential.
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