From the Heart of a Caregiver

Poems and Perspectives
Soft Cover

This book presents inspiring insights on the broad essentials of caregiving. It shares the personal account of the author, through poetry and prose, while she cared for her mother-in-law, who had dementia. It portrays the love and joy, as well as the stress and heartbreak of journeying through this process with a loved one. It offers personal reflections, support, and encouragement to others in caregiving roles. Includes color photos, displaying images of flowers and nature, for beauty and inspiration.

“From the Heart of a Caregiver is a beautiful book of poetry written by Dawn while caring for her dear mother-in-law Betty Ann on her journey with dementia. It portrays love, joy, stress, heartbreak, pain, sorrow, understanding and acceptance. It will make you cry and smile and gain comfort that you are not alone on the journey.” - Helen Baron and Ann Short, Alzheimer’s Society Drogheda

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